About Megindo

Entertainment is one of the most important needs in life. This fact, thus encourages us to build MEGINDO TUNGGAL SEJAHTERA. Since the beginning of it’s birth in 1996, Megindo has been commited to always bringing something new to Indonesia’s publishing industry. We are also prioritizing in producing a reading material that are not only entertaining, but also educating. That is why we initially start this business by publishing several magazines and books that are focused to cater Indonesia’s hobby and entertainment needs, such as; MGI and Game 13th. After that, we are strengthening our concept by releasing three of our main product: GAMESTATION, ANIMONSTER, and CINEMAGS.

GAMESTATION is a monthly magazine that focuses on everything related to video game. While, ANIMONSTER is a monthly magazine that provide information about various Japanese culture phenomenon such as anime, manga, cosplay, and J-music that has been very popular around the world, including Indonesia. In other segment, we are also publishing CINEMAGS, our very own movie & entertainment magazine that offers the latest movie and entertainment news both from local and International sources.

In 2005, MEGINDO released two new magazines: GADGET and KIDDO. GADGET is Indonesia’s techno-magazine that gives its readers the most comprehensive information regarding electronics, hobbies and lifestyle. KIDDO itself is a children magazine that’s being designed to provide knowledge to children age 6-12 in a fun and creative way.

In 2008, MEGINDO received the license to publish MACWORLD INDONESIA. MACWORLD INDONESIA is the magazine that offers detailed information regarding APPLE products, services and accessories from iMacs, iPods, iPhones and MacBooks.

Our target and focus is to fulfill the market’s needs and publish new magazines every two years. On it’s 12th years, MEGINDO keeps on refreshing its commitment to become Indonesia’s most proactive and creative publishing company who cares to its readers by giving only the best products and support the mass media developement in Indonesia.


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